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Carnival Medals Meet Ceramic Competence


Carnival is in many German regions regarded as the fifth and special season. Therefore, District Administrator Sebastian Schuster invited notables from carnival, politics and society to the Siegburg district house. And many carnival royals, coming from the Rhein-Sieg County and the whole region, accepted his invitation to start into carnival times together. “Alaaf” is the calling in this region during these crazy times. And the most merited carnival players are awarded with carnival medals, in the Rhein-Sieg region made with the help of CeramTec. This year's medal is dedicated to the Beethoven anniversary year for the 250th birthday of the great composer.

In the middle of the Rhineland carnival strongholds with Bonn, Cologne and Dusseldorf lays the CeramTec location Lohmar, where on the one hand carnival is celebrated and on the other hand the ceramic expertise comes into play in the production of the carnival decorations of the Rhein-Sieg district. In the best tradition, CeramTec expert Matthias Swerbinka, this year with the support of his colleague Thomas Skibbe, has been manufacturing different carnival medals in Lohmar for over 30 years. For this purpose, the negative form of the medal and the clay are delivered to Lohmar, where the clay blanks are shaped and fired in the CeramTec kilns. They are then hand-painted in the workshops of the GVP Bonn-Rhein-Sieg gGmbH, a workshop for people with disabilities. Hundreds of unique medals are created in countless hours of manual work to honor the carnival royals.

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    Shanghai, 2020-03-18 – 2020-03-20
  • AAOS
    Florida-Orlando, 2020-03-24 – 2020-03-24
    Milano, 2020-03-26 – 2020-03-28
  • WIRE
    Düsseldorf, 2020-03-30 – 2020-04-03
    Leon, 2020-04-21 – 2020-04-24
  • PCIM Europe
    Nuremberg, 2020-05-05 – 2020-05-07
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