2020 news archive

Past News from the Ceramic Experts

CeramTec news from past years: Messages from 2020.

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Date News
2020-11-21 Latest news on our new website
2020-11-18 CeramTec’s piezoceramic “Centre of Excellence” optimises and integrates production processes
2020-11-06 With pink bows and black moustaches against cancer
2020-10-27 New generation aluminum titanate products for aluminium foundry
2020-10-19 Advanced Ceramics Company of the Month
2020-10-13 Customised pre-assembled panels solution enabling maximum protection and cost savings
2020-10-05 CeramTec at EAO Digital Days
2020-09-29 Why ceramic tools are indispensable for wire drawing
2020-09-01 CeramTec’s ceramic crucial for advanced chip production
2020-08-20 Driving cost-efficiency for thermocouple sensing
2020-08-05 Ceramic membrane tubes for better filtration performance
2020-07-10 Micro to Maxi: Pump Systems with Advanced Ceramics
2020-07-07 CeramTec at the digital days of PCIM Europe
2020-06-11 Stifterverband awards Seal of Quality
2020-05-26 CeramTec lives diversity – a hello from all over the CeramTec world
2020-05-19 CeramTec well positioned due to
broad diversification
2020-05-07 Piezo-ceramic In-Line sensors help protect
dialysis patients
2020-05-04 Hermetic feedthroughs enable RNA sequencing in COVID-19 testing equipment
2020-04-28 Piezo ceramic In-Line sensors critical for
life saving infusions
2020-04-24 Reliable virus tests thanks to hermetic components from CeramTec
2020-04-21 Piezoceramic power converters are convincing in the production of medical protective masks
2020-04-17 Piezoceramics from CeramTec nebulizing liquid medicine in lung ventilators
2020-04-11 CeramTec dipping molds are essential for the production of disposable medical gloves
2020-04-10 CeramTec ultrasonic sensors help dialysis patients
2020-02-21 Carnival Medals Meet Ceramic Competence
2020-01-09 CeramTec Trainee Awarded for Top Scores